Enhanced sales strategies with smart support.

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Blizzy AI is an AI-powered assistant that aims to enhance marketing and sales strategies. It offers various features to boost productivity, creativity, and audience connection.

With Blizzy, users can generate engaging content using targeted prompts and leverage personalized content creation. The tool also allows for workflow optimization and secure browsing.

Users can manage their documents and create a knowledge base within the platform.Privacy and security are important aspects of Blizzy's offering. They ensure that user data is not used for training purposes and provide users with access to their chat history.

The tool runs on ChatGPT, but without utilizing user data for model training.Blizzy offers unique features such as web browsing functionality, the ability to create a personalized knowledge base, and a wide range of ready-made prompts for marketing and sales tasks.

It supports chat in Western European languages and English.The pricing for Blizzy is straightforward, with a fixed monthly fee of €20. This fee includes access to 1,000,000 words, ChatGPT, sales toolkit, and marketing toolkit.Overall, Blizzy AI is a tool designed to supercharge marketing and sales efforts.

It provides users with AI-powered assistance, content generation capabilities, secure browsing, and document management, ultimately aiming to drive productivity and achieve impactful results in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Blizzy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 23rd 2023.
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Kinzi Roze
· Jul 25, 2023
Can't Wait To Check It Out!
alexS deruiter
· Jul 24, 2023
Awesome tool! Way better than chatgpt because everything is in one place, it can browse, superfast file upload for my own knowledge base. Perfect!

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Pros and Cons


Smart support for sales
Workflow optimization
Generates engaging content
Personalized content creation
Document management features
Secured browsing and privacy protection
Access to full chat history
Web browsing functionality
Create personalized knowledge base
68 Ready-made marketing and sales prompts
Supports multiple languages
Straightforward pricing
Large content generation limit
Powered by ChatGPT
User-friendly interface
No user data used for training
Boosts online sales performance
Tailored prompts by sales experts
Sales email replies
LinkedIn conversation initiation
Effective elevator pitch generation
SEO optimized article creation
Content simplification and summarization
Document upload for knowledge base
Web link and txt document upload
Categorization for personal knowledge base
Promotes audience connection
Elevates customer engagement
Multiple sales and marketing toolkits
Optimizes online presence


Limited language support
No free trial
Lacks multilingual support
No document version control
Closed source
No API available
No training with user data
Limited personalization options
1000000 words limit per month
No custom plans mentioned


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How can I create a personalized knowledge base with Blizzy AI?
What languages does Blizzy AI support for chat?
What is the cost for using Blizzy AI?
What is included in Blizzy AI's monthly fee?
What kind of content can Blizzy AI help me generate?
How does Blizzy AI support document management?
What are the benefits of using Blizzy AI for sales and marketing?
How does Blizzy AI ensure privacy?
How can Blizzy AI be used for LinkedIn marketing?
How does Blizzy AI help in creating an Elevator pitch?
What is the AIDA rewrite feature of Blizzy AI?
How does Blizzy AI simplify and summarize content?
Can Blizzy AI assist in creating SEO-optimized articles?
How can I categorize my knowledge base with Blizzy AI?

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