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Typeset is an AI-powered visual content designer that avails automated design capabilities for creating stunning presentations, ebooks, social media graphics, and magazine-style documents.

The tool uses a combination of AI and design principles to generate elegant visual content from texts. Typeset finds its application in a range of tasks such as creating ad images, modifying document layouts, and developing visuals for various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

It allows users to efficiently manage their content creation from the first draft to the finished article.One of Typeset's distinguishing features is its ability to create multiple types of content out of a single idea or a piece of content within minutes.

Additionally, it provides a platform for clear communication of ideas in a way that the design doesn't distract from the core message. Notable capabilities also include finding images that match your content, layering a global theme to all your fonts, backgrounds, and charts to maintain consistency, and adding brand logos to any content with perfection in layout and spacing.

Data visualization is another unique feature, providing a wide range of charts, including line charts, pie charts, flow charts, and tables. Moreover, it is also capable of turning slide decks into social media posts, embedding clickable links in presentations or digital assets, and reformatting content to fit different platforms.

It also features unique sharing capabilities, allowing users to download, export, invite collaborators, and share content directly to social media. The AI integrated into Typeset assists in content creation by providing suggestive content based on your ideas.


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