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Collaborative content generation for creatives.
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FYI is a collaborative communication messaging platform designed specifically for the creative community. It serves as a tool to manage digital assets and enables users to effectively organize and collaborate on their creative projects.

One notable feature of FYI is FYI.Ai, which acts as a creative co-pilot. Users can ask FYI.Ai to draft stories, song lyrics, product descriptions, marketing copy, or any written content.

It provides near-instant results and allows for super-contextual feedback to fine-tune ideas. FYI.Ai aims to enhance the creative process by ideating faster and increasing creative output.Additionally, FYI.Ai offers the ability to turn ideas into Projects.

It helps users save and organize their content, fill in any gaps, and create a plan of action. Users can transform dialogues into film treatments, verses into songs and albums, and product ideas into comprehensive business plans.

The possibilities are vast, and FYI.Ai facilitates the transformation of ambitious ideas into reality.FYI also includes features for effective collaboration.

It can be added to group chats and project chats, allowing for seamless collaboration with team members. FYI.Ai can summarize team chats and recall important information that may have been lost during fast-paced conversations.Furthermore, FYI offers additional functionalities such as organizing work into Projects, protecting data with advanced encryption methods, making content calls with easy file sharing, and powerful and expressive messaging capabilities.

The platform also includes a calendar feature for tracking project deadlines and scheduling team meetings and calls.Overall, FYI provides a comprehensive solution for creative professionals to streamline their collaboration, manage digital assets, and enhance productivity in a secure environment.


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