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Kome is an AI browser extension designed to enhance online browsing productivity. This all-in-one tool offers AI summarization and bookmarking functionality, allowing users to quickly summarize news articles, webpages, YouTube videos, and more.

The summarizer feature improves reading speed with just a single click, making it ideal for users who want to efficiently consume content. With Kome, users can also capture and store any piece of content from any website, providing easy access to saved information.

The tool also offers a compose feature, leveraging AI capabilities to generate emails, tweets, and blog posts using the user's bookmarks.In addition to these core features, Kome provides additional functionalities such as copying email addresses in a fraction of a second, extracting color palettes from websites, automatic scrolling, and easy URL search.

Kome ensures seamless performance across popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Arc, with Safari compatibility coming soon.The tool offers both a free and premium version.

The premium version includes benefits such as summarizing any website, priority support, and more, with a monthly subscription fee of €4.99.Overall, Kome is a simple yet powerful AI browser extension that aims to maximize productivity by providing efficient summarization and bookmarking capabilities, as well as other useful AI-powered features.


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