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Maple CMS is a headless Content Management System (CMS) that incorporates AI capabilities. It is designed to allow users to create, manage and integrate content wherever necessary.

One of the defining features of Maple CMS is its AI assistant, which aids in the generation of schemas, content, and code examples, thereby minimizing the learning curve for beginners.

In addition, the CMS tool is built to scale with the growth of a business and facilitates easy integration with different technology stacks. Performance is prioritized with Maple CMS, given that it is created on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and a speedy GraphQL API, ensuring user content is delivered quickly.

Maple CMS is provided as a developer-first product. It offers seamless integration and usability, providing AI-generated relevant code examples and a complete SDK.

A ready-to-use Next.js template is available to get projects off the ground faster. Besides developers, content creators and marketers can also benefit from Maple CMS's advanced rich text editor, collaboration tools, and AI-assisted content creation.

Lastly, business owners can employ Maple CMS as a central hub for managing team work, supervising content, and maintaining their brand's integrity. Operationally, users determine their content's fields and structure, create content entries based on these schemas, manage assets and media files in the CDN, and integrate their content anywhere using the provided GraphQL API.

The AI feature is pervasive and designed to save time and assist in each stage.


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Feb 9, 2024
It's a great tool. I am a developer and it took me just 5 minutes to create a NextJS website - with a blog system. Really impressed

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Pros and Cons


Minimizes learning curve
Scalable with business growth
Facilitates easy tech stack integration
Performance prioritized
Based on a CDN
Fast GraphQL API
Developer-first product
Seamless integration and usability
Provides relevant code examples
Complete SDK provided
Ready-to-use Next.js template
Advanced rich text editor
Collaboration tools for creators
Central management hub
Facilitates team work supervision
Preserves brand's integrity
User-defined content fields
User-defined content structure
Efficient asset management
Content integration anywhere
Step-by-step content creation
Consistent brand voice creation
Aids in brand loyalty
Promotes teamwork
Aids content efficiency
Invitation-based team collaboration
Operational overview for owners
Easy edits for marketers
Automatic engaging content generation


No offline mode
Lacks advanced analytics features
Only has a GraphQL API
No multi-language support
Potential overreliance on CDN
No explicit security measures
No custom branding for businesses
No detailed tutorials, only assistant


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