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Create multiple types of infographics using AI
Generated by ChatGPT

Infografix is an online artificial intelligence-powered tool designed for the automatic creation of various types of infographics. The tool does not require any design skills from the user.

It can create infographics using simple text prompts including lists, hierarchies, timelines, cycles, and process maps. The tool's AI component, ChatGPT, generates content based on user input.

For instance, users can type a phrase such as 'leading quarterbacks from 2011 to 2020', and Infografix creates an appropriate infographic. Furthermore, the tool allows easy sharing and embedding of the created infographics on social media platforms directly from its interface.

Infografix is designed for a range of users and purposes, including business presentations, academic assignments, and digital marketing campaigns. Users have the option to visualize data in different ways thanks to pre-loaded template options, thus adding variety to how data is presented.

The tool supports multiple file formats including PNG, JPG, SVG, and PDF, offering a range of color themes to enhance the visuals. Infografix is designed to work across various devices including mobiles, desktops, and tablets.


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Infografix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 9th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


No design skills required
Generates infographics from text
Direct social media sharing
Various infographic types
Multi-purpose use
Pre-loaded template options
Supports multiple file formats
Range of color themes
Works on multiple devices
ChatGPT for content generation
Enables data visualization
Automatic infographic creation
User-friendly interface
Helps in academic assignments
Boosts business presentations
Assists in digital marketing
PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF support
Free to use
Fast infographic creation


Limited customizability
No offline mode
Unreliable with complex data
Dependent on text prompts
No multi-language support
No collaboration features
Can't handle large data sets
Limited template options
No advanced editing features
No version control


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Who can use Infografix?
How does the Infografix ChatGPT work?
What does 'leading quarterbacks from 2011 to 2020' prompt mean in reference to Infografix?
What file formats does Infografix support?
Can I use Infografix on mobile and tablet devices?
Can I create infographics with lists and hierarchies using Infografix?
Does Infografix offer pre-loaded template options?
Can I use Infografix for my academic assignments?
Does Infografix offer color theme options?
Can I create process maps with Infografix?
How can I visualize data in different ways with Infografix?
Can I create cycles using Infografix?
Can Infografix help enhance my marketing content?
Can I embed infographics created with Infografix directly into my website or blog?
How do I start creating infographics with Infografix?

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