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SmartVisuals is a free-to-use AI-infographic generator tool that enables users to easily craft and edit infographics. The tool utilizes AI technology and premade templates to enable quick and effortless design of professional-quality visuals.

Its simplicity is featured in its single-click infographic creation, taking away the heavy lifting of design while allowing the user to primarily focus on the content.

The tool offers a user-friendly editor that promotes customization and creativity, simplifying the infographic creation process while still enabling high-quality output.

Additionally, SmartVisuals offers different export options for the designed infographics, providing the user with versatile format choices, including SVG for further editing.

Whether you are a design professional or a beginner, SmartVisuals can help to efficiently generate professionally looking infographics in just a few steps.


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SmartVisuals was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 10th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Single-click infographic creation
Premade templates
User-friendly editor
Different export options
SVG export support
Automated design
Customizable templates
Professional-quality output
Appropriate for beginners
Efficient creation process
Streamlined process
Allows user design control
Wide variety of templates
Complements user's creativity
Supports further editing
Intuitive editor
Inspiring templates availability
Engaging infographic layouts
Facilitates quick design
Simplifies design process
Eliminates heavy design work
Content-focused creation
Quick output generation
Flexible to user's vision
Easy to learn and use
Applicable to various audiences
Matches user's branding
Editable after creation
Comprehensive FAQs
Customer support availability


Lacks collaborative editing feature
No native mobile app
Limited template variety
No offline use
Lack of multilingual translation
Non-existent customer support system
Inadequate advanced customization features
Absence of import data capability
No trial version available
No real-time preview


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Does SmartVisuals support SVG for further editing?
How can beginners use SmartVisuals to generate professional-quality infographics?
Can I edit infographics after their creation in SmartVisuals?
Does SmartVisuals provide pre-made templates?
How can I use SmartVisuals to focus on the content of my infographics?
What are the steps to generate an infographic using SmartVisuals?
How does SmartVisuals use AI to automate infographic design?
What is the 'user-friendly editor' in SmartVisuals?
How does SmartVisuals save my time?
What types of infographics can I create with SmartVisuals?
What is the complexity level of using SmartVisuals?
Can I evaluate the SmartVisuals tool before getting a premium version?
Is SmartVisuals desktop only or does it have a mobile version?
How can I contact customer support for SmartVisuals?
What is the extent of customization that SmartVisuals allows for infographic editing?


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