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CustomChat is a powerful AI chatbot tool that offers advanced artificial intelligence solutions for content production. With an easy-to-use chat interface, it integrates several leading AI models from providers such as OpenAI, Google AI, and others, combining them into one comprehensive tool.

CustomChat allows users to create content, including texts and images, via an interactive AI chat interface that can provide instant responses. It enables integration with any webpage or text-based content, ensuring versatility in its application.

CustomChat also allows users to generate multiple versions of the same content using various AI models. Features include a history section, which preserves past conversations, even if certain AI models become temporarily unavailable, as well as the ability to save commonly used prompts for easy access directly from the chat interface.

A project management feature helps users efficiently segment and organize content produced for different clients. CustomChat also comes with tools that serve as AI assistants, created to provide better results during conversations, and supports linguistic use across 80 languages, with some models limited to English.


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