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Smart CMS for content creation and management.
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Lumina is a modern content management system (CMS) that is API-driven and equipped with a built-in AI agent. With Lumina, users have the ability to create custom content structures, scale their websites, and manage their content effectively through the power of AI.One of Lumina's notable features is its AI-powered assistance for both text and image content.

The built-in AI chatbot acts as a knowledgeable companion, providing accurate answers to text-based queries and saving time and effort in research. Additionally, Lumina's AI agent showcases creative capabilities by generating images based on specific requirements or desired styles, expanding the possibilities for visual content creation.Lumina offers users the flexibility to create their own content structure with a variety of data types, custom fields, and nested models.

There are no rigid templates or limitations, allowing users to precisely organize and categorize their content according to their vision, seamlessly integrating with their business requirements and website architecture.As a headless CMS, Lumina provides a robust API that leverages MongoDB's query capabilities.

This enables efficient content management through advanced data retrieval, filtering, and manipulation operations.Lumina offers different pricing tiers, including a free option with limited features and paid options with increased storage, maximum models, multi-language support, and multiple environments.

There is also a self-hosted option available, and users can access more information or get started by registering on the Lumina website.In summary, Lumina is a modern CMS that combines AI capabilities, flexible content structure management, and scalability through its API-driven approach.


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