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WhisperTranscribe is an AI tool that allows you to generate various forms of content, such as summaries, timestamps, blog posts, and full transcripts, from any audio file with a single click.

The tool offers cheap and accurate transcription services, with a cost of less than 1 cent per minute. It does not require a subscription, making it convenient for users who need occasional transcription services.Using the Whisper API, this tool enables you to transcribe your podcast within minutes.

You can either upload your own audio file or search for your podcast directly in their database. Additionally, WhisperTranscribe incorporates the GPT 3.5 Turbo model into the app, providing suggestions for titles, blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts, and other types of content based on the generated transcript.With WhisperTranscribe, you can save time and money by obtaining an accurate transcript that includes automatically generated timestamps.

It also offers a range of features, including generating catchy titles, high-quality tweets and LinkedIn posts, blog posts using podcast content, newsletters, and custom content creation using Chat GPT prompts.WhisperTranscribe offers different packages, including a free basic version with 120 minutes of transcription, a premium version for a one-time payment, and an enterprise version for organizations looking to streamline transcription processes and improve productivity.The tool supports a wide range of languages and ensures the security and encryption of your API key, which is stored locally on your device.

Educators can inquire about obtaining a free license for school/university use by contacting the WhisperTranscribe team via email.


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