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Take an agile approach to your content marketing with AI powered tools.
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Vocable presents a new variety of AI tools designed for agile content marketing. It provides advanced features to streamline the entire content creation process, from research to planning, creation, and optimization, ensuring high-quality results with a swift turn-around time.

Vocable allows you to personalize your AI with variables such as your top performing content, branded messaging, audience targeting, keywords, and more, maintaining quality and consistency in your content.

It also offers insights for better strategizing, with AI-generated strategies for execution in one centralized workflow. This model is specifically fine-tuned for business and marketing contexts, with a capacity to understand and analyze data that can be utilized to create content tailored for individual customers' needs.

This platform offers a unified workspace and seamless workflow, providing for an end-to-end content process involving planning, assigning tasks, and collaborative work.

Its AI algorithm helps research and analyze keyword variations, track top-ranking topics, and browse customer-specific trending queries. Additionally, the system allows for brainstorming ideas, managing pipelines, assigning briefs and tasks, and scheduling content to ensure deadlines are met.

Their writing AI assists in generating drafts, providing grammar suggestions and style improvements to aid in the creation of accurate, brand-specific content.

Teams can also collaborate, annotate, and maintain version control on high-quality content, setting a foundation for content governance, ensuring continuity in your brand's unique voice and guideline adherence, all directed at improving content creation speed and quality.


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