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ByJim Keplinger
Write to a word count, paragraphs, exact sentence length.
Sample prompts:
Write a blog post of 300 words about...
Write 4 paragraph essay with at least 6 sentences each about...
Write a 140 character tweet about...
Write a Six stanza poem about....
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Word Owl is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) developed to assist users in crafting written content according to specific requirements. It caters to various writing needs, providing users with the flexibility to create content according to a fixed word count, a certain number of paragraphs, an exact sentence length, or even a specific stanza count in the case of poetry.

While the tool is slow, it is effective and reliable in meeting the defined criteria. Word Owl could be especially useful for tasks such as writing a 300-word blog post, a four-paragraph essay with at least six sentences in each, creating a succinct 140-character tweet, or crafting a six-stanza poem.

This GPT is effectively an app on top of ChatGPT, as it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription for use. Please note that the version referred here is no longer being developed.

Users are encouraged to use the latest version of Word Owl for optimal features and performance. It is recommended that new users sign up before being able to access and utilize this transformative AI tool.


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