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Boostrbot is an all-in-one artificial intelligence platform designed to assist content creators, marketers, and advertisers by automating repetitive tasks to enhance productivity and curtail expenses.

As an AI content generator, it aims to streamline the process of creating textual and visual content for a variety of applications. This platform includes a number of AI tools such as a text generator, advanced templates, a fine tuning feature, an image generator, and a code generator.

These tools help in creating diverse copy instantaneously, generating eye-catching visuals, and producing high-quality programming codes quickly and efficiently.

Boostrbot also incorporates a 'Brand Voice' feature ensuring uniformity across all content. It provides intuitive text editing, image and video content creation, and flexibility to craft compelling marketing and advertising materials.

Its built-in AI chatbot can help businesses predict and plan their marketing strategies while maintaining a human-like conversation flow. It has an AI voice tool that can transcribe speeches into text, facilitating the creation of commercials and narrations.

In addition, Boostrbot encourages collaboration by allowing the addition of team members to the platform and offers an affiliate system rewarding users with commission for referrals.Moreover, it supports a variety of templates, enabling quick content customization and generation, including advertisements, social media posts, blog pieces, and more.

One of its salient features includes providing users with pre-defined content frameworks for improved and faster content creation.


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