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Unleash the power of undetectable AI writing.
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StealthGPT is a privacy-focused AI tool designed to generate, enhance and humanize AI texts such as papers, reports, blogs and more. Its main feature is the ability to produce content that mimics human writing styles to a high degree, making it undetectable by leading AI detectors like Turnitin, GPTZero, and Originality AI.

This makes StealthGPT a suitable tool for users wishing to leverage AI technology to assist in their writing tasks without raising flags of AI involvement.

Notable for its superior capacity to bypass AI detectors compared to other tools in the market, StealthGPT has carved out a unique niche in the AI writing industry.

As well as generating original content that surpasses detection algorithms, this tool provides a valuable solution for writers, students, and professionals who rely on AI to speed up and optimize their work.

StealthGPT has received positive reviews for its innovative and user-friendly service. However, users should ensure that its use aligns with the policies of their institutions or workplaces, as some may prohibit or limit the use of AI assistance in writing.


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Jul 21, 2023
I threw an article in Stealgpt to see what it would do and it threw back complete nonsense. This reminds me of those word spinner apps from a few years back that just used a list of synonyms. This was seriously worse. Judge for yourself, this was output: Thrilled cherished property owners seeking enhanced total circulation and very suitable survivablity ambitions conduct optimum adherence dictated structual growth patterns correlating consistent regular maintenance care

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Pros and Cons


Undetectable content creation
Subscription plans available
Tailored for students
Tailored for professionals
Offers long prompts and responses
Generates 1,125 words
Includes 45 prompt words
More features promised in future
Allows custom prompt submission
Affordable subscription prices
Transparent pricing
Focus on privacy


No free trial
Limited to 1125 words/use
Restriction on prompt words
Unclear additional future features
No detection-proof guarantee
No multi-platform support
Content quality not specified
Two subscription plans only
No specified language options


What is StealthGPT?
What is the purpose of StealthGPT?
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Can I use StealthGPT to write essays?
Can I use StealthGPT to write articles and blogs?
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What is the main difference between the College and College Pro plans?
Who can use StealthGPT's College and College Pro plans?
How many words does StealthGPT generate per use?
Does StealthGPT limit the number of uses per subscriber?
What is the word limit for prompts in StealthGPT?
Can subscribers of StealthGPT submit their own prompts?
What additional features can I expect from StealthGPT in the future?
Does StealthGPT assure that their generated content will pass anti-AI filters?
How can I sign up for StealthGPT?
What is the price for College and College Pro subscriptions?
Will StealthGPT be adding more plans in the future?
What happens if content generated by StealthGPT gets detected by anti-AI filters?
Can I upgrade my plan from College to College Pro?
Is StealthGPT suitable for professional writing purposes?

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