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Automated assistance for Mac user tasks.
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Impelimpel is an AI tool designed as an always-on AI companion for Mac users. Unlike other AI assistants, it operates without requiring specific prompts and instead understands the context of the user's screen to surface relevant suggestions, information, and actions automatically.

The tool aims to provide a simpler and more efficient user experience by continuously learning the user's workflow in the background. It performs various tasks such as generating content, fetching codes, taking notes, sending reminders, booking flights, summarizing blogs, and more, without the need for explicit requests.

Impelimpel integrates with favorite apps, allowing users to glide through login processes by recognizing login flows and instantly fetching verification codes or links from email or authenticator apps.

It also offers features such as summarizing, explaining, querying, and visualizing information from videos or blogs to enhance learning, as well as collecting and managing to-dos and tasks based on screen usage.The tool records, transcribes, and summarizes online meetings, storing them in a shareable format.

Additionally, impelimpel acts as a personal travel concierge, fetching flight, hotel, and itinerary information tailored to user preferences.It maintains a searchable database of stored screen content, excluding private windows and sensitive information, providing users with a superhuman memory of their digital interactions.

When generating content, impelimpel uses in-built state-of-the-art text and image generators, adapting to the context of the user's screen.Impelimpel prioritizes user privacy by processing all data locally on the device.

It avoids scanning private windows, excluded apps, and sensitive information by default. However, in some cases, it may need to fetch essential, non-sensitive information in real-time, which could involve sending data off-device.The tool also mentions its foundational model, C1, which utilizes a rich context engine to understand the user's screen and learn repetitive tasks in real-time.

Impelimpel also allows users to join a waitlist for its services.


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