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Created conversational interfaces for customer support.
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Aubigo AI is a free toolkit that offers different AI tools for users to explore. The current version of the toolkit is V0.0.8, suggesting that the tool is still in its early stages of development.The toolkit includes a Translator tool, enabling users to translate text from one language to another.

Additionally, Aubigo AI provides a Chatbot tool that allows users to design conversational interfaces for their websites or apps. This feature enables businesses to provide better customer support and communication with their audience.

Furthermore, Aubigo AI offers the Codeit tool that enables users to write code through natural language processing. With this tool, users may code in conversational language rather than using traditional programming languages.

The toolkit's aim is to democratize AI technology and make it easily accessible to everyone, as it is a free platform. Aubigo AI encourages users to provide feedback and improve the tools, suggesting that the toolkit is still in its early stages of development and dynamic in nature.

Overall, Aubigo AI provides a diverse range of tools aimed at improving productivity and efficiency in different sectors. It is an excellent platform for businesses or individuals looking to implement AI technology for their websites or apps.

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Pros and Cons


Free toolkit
Translator tool
Chatbot designing tool
Codeit tool for coding
Suits different sectors
Improves productivity
Enhances efficiency
Can be used universally
Early stage, dynamic development
Feedback encouraged for improvements
Improves business-customer communication
Enable coding in natural language
Wide tool range
Good for individual or business use
Designed for website or app implementation
Language translation abilities
Conversational interface creation
Implementation without traditional coding languages
Customer service support enhancement


Early stage of development
Potential stability issues
Unproven tools
Reliance on user feedback
No established community support
Lacks maturity of features
Uncertain tool longevity
Requires natural language coding


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Why does Aubigo AI provide a free toolkit?


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