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Improved productivity through automating Excel/Sheets.
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The AI Excel Tools and Google Sheets offered by Ajelix assist in improving productivity using various tools, including an Excel formula generator, VBA script writing, and virtual AI assistance.

The Excel formula generator allows users to translate text into Excel formulas in a fraction of the time. The Excel formula explainer helps users understand Excel formulas in seconds.

The Google Apps Script Generator generates scripts from requirements. The Excel VBA Script Generator generates VBA scripts, while the Excel VBA Script Explainer explains Excel VBA code using AI.

The Google Sheets Formula Generator helps translate text into formulas, and the Google Apps Script Explainer analyzes and explains scripts with AI. The tools also include the Excel File Translator, Formula and Script Library, Excel Template Generator, and Excel Add-in.

Additionally, Ajelix offers services such as Excel Automation and Consulting, Google Sheets Automation and Consulting, Web Development, Business Process Analytics and Optimization, Dynamic Report Development, Business Data Analytics and Forecasting, and WordPress Development.

It also provides resources such as guides, tutorials, and a formula and function library to help users get the most out of the tools. Overall, Ajelix AI Excel Assistant and Excel Formula Generator offer users a range of tools and services aimed at improving productivity while working with Excel and Google Sheets.


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Pros and Cons


Excel formula generator
Google Sheets Formula Generator
Excel VBA Script Generator
Google Apps Script Generator
Formula and Script Library
Excel Template Generator
Excel Add-in
Excel Automation & Consulting
Google Sheets Automation & Consulting
Business Process Analytics & Optimization
Dynamic Report Development
Business Data Analytics & Forecasting
WordPress Development
Excel File Translator
Google Sheets Formula Explainer
Excel VBA Script Explainer
Google Apps Script Explainer
Web Development Services
Spreadsheet translation in multiple languages


Limited free monthly requests
No offline functionality
Limited to Excel/Google Sheets
Lacks Advanced VBA tools
No data security information
Cannot handle large datasets
Lack of integration with other tools
Limited forecasting capabilities
No versioning or revision history


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