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Expert solutions for Excel formulas, charting and data organization.
Sample prompts:
I need help creating a chart in Excel.
How do I use pivot tables in Excel?
What's the best way to organize data in Excel?
Where can I submit feedback?
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Excel Maestro is a GPT built upon ChatGPT which focuses on mastery in Excel functionality. The tool seeks to provide users with expert assistance in various Excel tasks, such as working with formulas, charting, managing pivot tables, and organizing data.

As such, it functions as an educational support tool, helping users to navigate Excel's numerous capabilities more efficiently.The tool is designed to give personalized guidance, delivering high-quality and practical solutions to the challenges users face while using Excel.

This GPT can aid in the creation of charts, providing step-by-step instructions for their construction. It also assists with understanding and utilizing pivot tables, offering clear and straightforward explanations on how to leverage this feature.In terms of data organization, Excel Maestro can guide users on efficient methods to handle and categorize data within Excel, irrespective of its complexity.

This ensures that users can manage their data optimally for their specific tasks or projects. Users can also utilize the tool for trouble-shooting guidelines and additional advice on best practices.Excel Maestro has an option for users to submit feedback, which indicates the tool's commitment to constant improvement and user satisfaction.

Users have to sign up with ChatGPT Plus to access this GPT. By combining intelligent AI capabilities with specialized knowledge in Excel, Excel Maestro aims to serve as a reliable guide in navigating Excel's functionalities to users of varying experience levels.

Excel Maestro was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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