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Excel Bot simplifies formulas & generates VBA code
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AI Excel Bot is an AI tool that enables users to generate complex Excel formulas quickly and easily. By using simple English prompts, users can create formulas in seconds without needing to have in-depth knowledge of Excel or Google Sheets.

The tool employs the GPT-3 AI model, which is state-of-the-art, to provide accurate and effective formula generation.With AI Excel Bot, users can easily understand complex formulas.

Instead of spending time trying to decipher intricate formulas, the AI can quickly provide explanations and make them more accessible for users. This eliminates the need for manual research or assistance from experts.The tool also supports VBA code generation.

Users no longer need to invest time in writing or understanding VBA code. AI Excel Bot can generate VBA code and explain its functionality within seconds, saving time and effort.AI Excel Bot offers a convenient Chrome extension, allowing users to access its capabilities directly within Google Sheets or Excel.

This streamlines the workflow and ensures a seamless user experience.The tool offers two pricing plans: a free plan with limited access and a premium plan with full access to all features.

The premium plan includes unlimited formula generation and explanations, unlimited VBA code generation and explanations, and priority support.AI Excel Bot is a product by Query Labs, a company dedicated to providing innovative AI solutions.

AI Excel Bot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates complex Excel formulas
English prompts for input
Explains complex formulas
Generates VBA code
Explains VBA code
Chrome extension
Works with Google Sheets
Two pricing plans
Free plan available
Premium plan for full access
Supports task explanations
Unlimited formula generation in premium
Unlimited formula explanations in premium
Unlimited VBA code generation in premium
Unlimited VBA code explanations in premium
Accessible via any browser
Saves time and effort
Eliminates need for Excel expertise
Supports VLOOKUP formulas
Can approximate values


No offline usage
Limited free plan
No discount for students
Explanations may lack context
Reliant on GPT-3 accuracy
No variant language support
Extension only for Chrome
Not designed for tablets
No mobile application
No multi-user collaboration support


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How does the AI Excel Bot simplify my work with Excel?
What is the purpose of the AI Excel Bot Chrome extension?
Is there a cost associated with using AI Excel Bot?
What distinguishes the free plan from the premium plan on AI Excel Bot?
What unlimited features does the premium plan offer for AI Excel Bot?
Who is the creator of AI Excel Bot?
How can AI Excel Bot benefit users who frequently deal with Excel sheets?
Can the AI Excel Bot be used for Google Sheets as well?
Does AI Excel Bot offer any customer support?
How can I access the AI Excel Bot directly in Google Sheets or Excel?
Can AI Excel Bot help in understanding VBA codes?
What do the 'simple English prompts' by AI Excel Bot do?
What kind of tasks can AI Excel Bot perform in relation to Excel or Google Sheets?
Is annual subscription available for AI Excel Bot?


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