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Excel wizard for spreadsheet queries.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to excel in Excel?
Sample prompts:
How do I use VLOOKUP?
Explain pivot tables, please.
Tips for better chart formatting?
Assist with macro errors.
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Spreadsheet Sage is a GPT designed to help users navigate complex operations in Microsoft Excel more easily. This tool acts like a digital helper, assisting with everything from basic functions to more complex Excel features such as macros and pivot tables.

When users have questions about Excel operations, they can ask Spreadsheet Sage directly in a conversational manner, much like you would ask a real-life expert, which makes it particularly useful for both Excel beginners and advanced users alike.

Example prompts include how to use specific Excel functions such as VLOOKUP, soliciting explanations on features like pivot tables, seeking tips for better chart formatting, or getting help dealing with macro errors.

It is designed to provide efficient and meaningful assistance right from within the familiar environment of an Excel spreadsheet. By providing expert, friendly, and easily accessible advice, Spreadsheet Sage makes the often daunting task of managing and manipulating Excel data into a user-friendly experience.

The use of Spreadsheet Sage requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription, however, users can sign up for a session to chat directly for extensive support.


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