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Boost engagement, answer questions & capture leads with AI chatbots.
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Chatbit is an AI tool that allows users to create customized AI chatbots for their websites. The bots are designed to engage customers, answer their questions, and capture leads.

A significant feature of the tool is that it tailors its chatbots based on specific user data to provide an optimized and personalized user experience.

No prior coding experience is required, making the tool accessible to a wide range of users, regardless of their technical skills. Users can add Chatbit to their website to enhance their customer service and lead generation efforts.

Chatbit allows users to upload up to 11 million characters of context into the chatbot to provide the most accurate responses. The chatbots are customizable according to the user's preferences, with options to modify colors, position, and logo.

Users can also define the personality and style of the chatbot to align with their brand. Moreover, Chatbit offers a lead collection feature that delivers leads to the user on a daily basis from the visitors who interact with the chatbot.

The platform provides support in various languages and aims to make bot creation and implementation a process that can be completed in under five minutes.


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Chatbit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 23rd 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Customer engagement feature
Answer customer queries
Lead collection feature
Tailors chatbots on user data
No-coding required
Enhances customer service
Large character input limit
Highly customizable interface
Bot personality modification
Logo customization options
Can be added to websites
Daily lead delivery
Multi-language support
Quick bot creation and implementation
Optimized user experience
Accessible to non-technical users
Brand alignment through chatbot style


May lack advanced functionalities
Limited 11 million character input
No programming customization options
Potentially time-consuming bot personalization
Lead collection may be ineffective
Data upload format limitations
Language support may be incomplete
Lack of API integrations
No stated data export capabilities
Unclear support channels


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