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OpenChat is an AI tool that allows users to build their own ChatGPT for their website, PDF files, Notion, and other integrations for free without any coding required.

Users can create custom ChatGPT-like bots with OpenChat and embed and share them anywhere. OpenChat offers an open-source chatbot console that enables users to run and manage their own chatbots easily.

OpenChat uses powerful crawlers to crawl data and transform it into knowledge using LLMs (language models), making it possible to create a customer support chatbot trained on the user's specific data.

OpenChat can also be used as a private tutor to upload books and ask the bot any question, as an internal knowledge base that allows employees to easily access information, as a tool to create private chatbots to share with clients, or as a personal library in which users can upload books and texts and ask the bot any question.OpenChat provides live demos showcasing what users can build with the tool in less than five minutes, such as an AI customer support agent or an AI chatbot trained on a 200-page legal document or Dutch content for VanMoof.

OpenChat is an open-source platform, so users can host their own instance or try it for free.


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Openchat was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Build own ChatGPT
Multiple integrations
No coding required
Customizable chatbots
Embeddable bots
Open-source console
Powerful data crawlers
Data-to-knowledge transformation
Specific data training
Supports private tutors function
Useful for internal knowledge base
Enables private chatbots
Discovery mode for texts and books
Free to use
Live interactive demos
Rapid bot deployment
Supports language models
Self-hosting possible
PDF file support
Supports Notion integration
Used for customer support
Support for Dutch language
Supports any use case
Supports third-party sharing
Personal library feature


No mobile app available
No multi-language support mentioned
Limited integration options
No specific data privacy measures
Lack of user management functionalities
No customizable branding options
No explicit offline capabilities
Lack of usage analytics provided
Might lack advanced conversation handling
Limited information about support services


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Can I access information on OpenChat as an internal knowledge base?
Can OpenChat be used for creating private chatbots for clients?
What are the possible use cases of OpenChat?
Are there any live demos of how OpenChat works?
Can OpenChat assist in AI customer support?
Can I use my own data to train a customer support chatbot on OpenChat?
Does OpenChat have a feature to crawl and analyze data from PDF files and websites?
Can I upload content on OpenChat in different languages like Dutch?
Is OpenChat an open-source platform?
Can I host my own instance of OpenChat?
How can I start using OpenChat for free?
Can OpenChat be used to train a chatbot on legal documents?
What does it mean to build my own ChatGPT with OpenChat?
What does OpenChat offer that regular ChatGPT doesn't?


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