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AI-HELPER is a tool that provides instant access to GPT-4 on any website, allowing users to generate high-quality content, write code and Excel formulas, rewrite, research, summarize and more, resulting in increased productivity of up to 3 times.

The tool can be modified, redistributed or resold, as it provides 100% ownership and source code to the user. It works seamlessly with macOS and Windows and can be accessed by typing "help:" followed by a query and ending with ";".

There is no subscription fee, and updates are provided for free after a one-time purchase. AI-HELPER can be downloaded for a price that varies with the number of spots available, with the current price being $29 and the next price increase set at $49 for 100 spots and $99 for unlimited spots.

The installation requires users to first install AI-Help and then find ChatGPT API KEY. The tool can be used to save 1 to 2 hours per day, and the users can learn something new each day by subscribing to the creator's newsletter.

The tool can be accessed by email for any questions, feedback or doubts. Overall, AI-HELPER is a useful tool that can enable any individual or organization to have instant access to GPT-4, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.


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Pros and Cons


Generates high-quality content
Writes code and Excel formulas
Can rewrite, research, summarize
Increases productivity 3 times
Modifiable, redistributable, resellable
100% ownership
Source code provided
Works with macOS and Windows
No subscription fee
Free updates
One-time purchase
Easy access: type 'help:'
Price varies with spots
Saves 1-2 hours per day
Provides learning opportunities
Accessible via email
Useful for individuals, organizations
Support for ChatGPT API


Requires initial installation
ChatGPT API Key required
Price increases with popularity
Specific typing format ('help:;')
Access via email only
Limited support options
Unclear update schedule
Resale might conflict license
Download required - not SaaS


What is AI-HELPER?
How does AI-HELPER work?
What are the key features of AI-HELPER?
Is there a subscription fee for using AI-HELPER?
How does AI-HELPER improve productivity?
What can AI-HELPER generate or write?
Can I modify or redistribute AI-HELPER?
How can I access AI-HELPER?
What are the operating systems compatible with AI-HELPER?
What is the cost of AI-HELPER?
What constitutes an AI-HELPER query?
How do I install AI-HELPER?
What's the deal with the number of spots available in AI-HELPER's pricing?
Can I save time using AI-HELPER?
Is there any educational benefit from using AI-HELP?
What is the creator's newsletter about AI-HELPER?
What if I have a problem or doubt about AI-HELPER?
Can AI-HELPER help me start my own AI startup?
Are there any future updates for AI-HELPER after purchase?


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