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Arc Max is an advanced intelligent tool aimed at optimizing web browsing experiences. Its core features revolve around interactive assistance and smart automation for tasks related to Internet navigation.

Arc Max is integrated with ChatGPT, allowing users to ask questions and receive answers in fewer steps. Users can interact with any page by using the 'Ask on Page' feature.

By simply holding down Command + F, users can ask a question and await Maxs response. This tool also offers a '5 Second Previews' feature that enables users to generate a preview of any webpage by hovering over the link and pressing shift, thereby eliminating the need for a click.

The 'Tidy Tab Titles' and 'Tidy Downloads' features provide automation for navigational convenience, where tab titles are automatically renamed to shorter versions when pinned, and download files are intelligently renamed for easier location later on.

Arc Max can be easily activated by typing 'Arc Max' in the command bar, enhancing the users browsing experience without hefty onboarding.


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Arc Max was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Optimizes web browsing experiences
Interactive assistance feature
Smart automation for tasks
Integrated with ChatGPT
Ask on Page feature
Command + F interaction
5 Second Previews feature
Hover Link Preview
Tab title auto-renaming
Download file intelligent renaming
Easily activated with 'Arc Max'
Saves users time
Enhances browsing without hefty onboarding
ChatGPT integration for on-page questions
Eases Internet navigation
Quick website previews on hover
Automatic shorter versions of pinned tabs
Smart organization of downloaded files
Quick activation from command bar
Dismisses need for additional clicks


Limited to Command + F
Limited tab title customization
Renaming downloads can confuse
ChatGPT account requirement
Lacks broad compatibility
Absence of tailored learning
No multi-browser support
Limited Link Preview Control
Lack of API integration


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