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Customized site chatbot for customer assistance.
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SiteGPT is an AI chatbot tool that can be personalized for every website. It uses your website content to train your chatbot to answer questions quickly and accurately.

The tool allows you to create your own AI chatbot with no code required. To create the chatbot, simply enter your website URL, and the tool will automatically fetch all the webpages on your website to show them to you.

You can then select the webpages you want the chatbot to be trained on by clicking on the "Start Training" button. Once trained, your chatbot will be able to answer any questions related to your website content in real-time.

This can significantly improve your website's user experience by providing instant responses to visitors' inquiries. SiteGPT is suitable for businesses of any size and does not require technical expertise.

Additionally, the tool offers a pricing plan that is affordable and flexible. The website also offers a contact page, terms and conditions, and a refund policy.

Overall, SiteGPT is a straightforward and useful tool that can enhance your website's user experience by providing quick and accurate answers to visitors' inquiries.

It is an excellent option for businesses looking to improve their customer service and increase customer satisfaction.


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SiteGPT was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized for every website
Uses website content for training
Code-free chatbot creation
Automatic webpage fetching
Allows selection of training webpages
Real-time responses
Improves website user experience
Suitable for any business size
No technical expertise required
Affordable and flexible pricing
Contact page available
Terms and conditions provided
Refund policy available
Easy-to-use interface
Can answer anything website-related
Instant visitor inquiries response
Promote customer satisfaction
Enhances customer service
Watch real-time learning from content


Trains only on website content
No multilingual support mentioned
No API integration mentioned
No advanced analytics features
No pre-built templates offered
Dependent on website structure
Limited customization options
No offline mode mentioned
No third-party integrations
No data backup mentioned


What is SiteGPT?
How does SiteGPT work?
What do I need to create a chatbot with SiteGPT?
How do I train my SiteGPT chatbot?
Can SiteGPT be used on any size of business website?
Do I need any technical expertise to use SiteGPT?
How does SiteGPT use my website's content to train the chatbot?
How quick can SiteGPT respond to my website visitors' inquiries?
What's the pricing plan for SiteGPT?
What kind of support does SiteGPT provide?
Where can I find SiteGPT terms and conditions?
What is SiteGPT refund policy?
How can SiteGPT improve my website's user experience?
Can SiteGPT handle any questions related to my website content?
How do I get my own AI chatbot using SiteGPT?
Does SiteGPT require any coding to create a chatbot?
How do I start the SiteGPT chatbot training process?
Can SiteGPT help increase customer satisfaction on my website?
What is the main purpose of SiteGPT?
How is SiteGPT different from other AI chatbot tools?

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