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GPT-trainer is an AI tool that allows users to build their own ChatGPT chatbot without needing to code. The chatbot can then be embedded onto their website.

GPT-trainer offers various use cases such as customer support, human resources, content creation, knowledge management, SEO & SEM, and teaching assistant.

Users can deliver exceptional customer support experiences, simplify talent acquisition and HR processes, generate captivating content ideas, automate repetitive tasks, boost online presence, and provide personalized guidance and assistance in education.GPT-trainer emphasizes accuracy and privacy.

They employ a unique human-in-the-loop context curation process and AI self-reflective validation workflows to ensure content is delivered with high confidence while retaining the chatbot's versatility.

They prioritize security and privacy by employing strict measures to prevent data loss and unauthorized access. Access to information is limited to authorized personnel under a duty of confidentiality.

Their systems undergo regular testing and adhere to industry-leading standards.The tool offers integrations with popular tools like Google Drive, Wix, and WordPress, with Slack integration coming soon.

GPT-trainer has a simple pricing structure, catering to individuals and enterprises with different plans. They also offer flexible add-ons to meet specific messaging needs.

Users can access detailed pricing plans and a comparison chart on their website. Additionally, GPT-trainer provides a FAQ section for any queries users may have.Users' data is stored online as GPT-trainer is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

They use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting, with servers located in Oregon, USA. GPT-trainer supports multiple languages to accommodate users worldwide.


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Pros and Cons


No-code Chatbot building
Embeddable on websites
Helps in multiple sectors
Context curation process
Self-reflective validation workflows
Privacy prioritized
Prevents data loss
Unauthorised access prevention
Regular system testing
Adherence to industry standards
Integration with Google Drive
Integration with Wix and WordPress
Simple pricing structure
Different plans for individuals and enterprises
Amazon Web Service hosting
Servers located in USA
Supports over 95 languages
Affiliate program
Website embedding
Unlimited chatbot customization
Data refers to input context
Back end versatility
Template-guided prompt Engineering
User is chatbot administrator
Choice to share chatbot
Easy chatbot embed on websites
Supports text document formats
Option to provide URL for text content
Option to input own text directly
GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 selection
Encrypted data
Priority support in premium plans
Custom branding in premium plans
Customer support available
Automatic text content scraping
Option to choose future LLMs
Flexible add-ons
Unlimited chatbots in premium plans
Unlimited storage in business plan
Option to remove 'Powered by GPT-trainer' in business plan
ISO 27001 certification process
Detailed pricing and comparison chart
Secure data access limitation
Strict confidentiality policies


Limited application integrations
No offline mode
No ISO27001 certification yet
Data hosted only in USA
No native mobile app
Strict pricing tiers
No multi-admin support
Limited language models


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Which tools can GPT-trainer integrate with?
What is the pricing structure for GPT Trainer?
Where is user data stored in GPT Trainer?
Does GPT Trainer support multiple languages?
Can a GPT-trainer chatbot assist in content creation?
How can GPT-trainer assist in SEO & SEM?
How can I embed a chatbot created by GPT-trainer onto my website?
How does GPT-trainer adhere to privacy measures?
How customizable is a chatbot created by GPT-trainer?
Does GPT-trainer allow me to share my chatbot with others?
How versatile is the GPT-trainer'sbackend in terms of language model selection?
Can a GPT-trainer chatbot be programmed to operate in a specific persona?
How does GPT-trainer manage knowledge?
What measures are in place to prevent unauthorized data access with GPT Trainer?

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