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Build, customize and share chatbots with unique personalities.
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NEXBot is a platform that allows users to build, customize, and share their own Generalized Pretraining Transformer (GPT) chatbots with unique personalities.

The tool intends to enable creators with no programming background to develop and bring their chatbots to life. Users have the opportunity to enhance the knowledge of their chat AI by easily prompting and adding their files, thereby giving word instructions to the bot.

Additionally, one of the standout features of NEXBot is its ability to share chatbots. Upon creation, users can send their GPT bots to others, who do not require an account to utilize them, facilitating wider access and usability.

Furthermore, the platform offers the capability to embed these chatbots into other applications which allows for versatile application in various digital contexts.

The service adopts a freemium model that prioritizes accessibility, and it does not require a subscription to start using it. However, as per standard industry practice, usage terms and privacy policies apply.

As the platform aims to make building and sharing GPTs straightforward and user-friendly, it could be a valuable tool for both beginners and professionals interested in leveraging AI chatbot technology.


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Pros and Cons


Build, customize, share chatbots
No coding required
Easily enhance chatbot knowledge
Bot sharing with non-users
Embedding bots into applications
Freemium model
Subscription not required
Privacy policy and terms
Friendly for beginners
Useful for professionals
Unique chatbot personalities
Suitable for non-programmers
Versatility in digital contexts
User-friendly for creators
Facilitates wider bot access
Easy prompts and file adding
GPT chatbot personalization
Doesn't require account for usage
500 free messages
Contact support available


Limited chatbot personality options
Difficult prompt file integration
Lacks advanced features
Freemium model limitations
Limited messaging in free version
Potential privacy concerns
Limited app embedding compatibility
Insufficient beginner support
Lacks multi language support
No bot testing feature


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Can NEXBot chatbots be embedded into other applications?
What is the benefit of embedding a NEXBot chatbot into other applications?
What is the pricing model of NEXBot?
Is subscription required to start using NEXBot?
What are the usage terms for NEXBot?
What is the privacy policy of NEXBot?
How user-friendly is NEXBot, especially for beginners?
In what digital contexts can NEXBot be used?
How can I access NEXBot services?
How can NEXBot be a valuable tool for professionals?
Does NEXBot offer support or resources for getting started?

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