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Deployed chatbots for conversational use.
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Chai is an AI chatbot building and deployment tool designed to help users create compelling conversations with AI. It is a comprehensive platform that enables users to build and deploy their AI chatbot to thousands of users with ease.

Chai also provides users with performance metrics and a leaderboard for their AI’s success. It is available as an app for both Android and iOS devices, as well as through Reddit, LinkedIn, and GitHub.

With Chai, users can create an AI that is able to listen and help, as well as engage in conversations with users. Chai is a secure platform that respects user privacy and offers users the ability to control their data.


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Pros and Cons


Building and deployment tool
Compelling conversation creation
Easy user interface
Performance metrics
Leaderboard feature
Cross-platform compatibility
Available as app
Android and iOS support
Integration with Reddit
LinkedIn and Github compatibility
Designed for user privacy
User-based data control
Ability to share bot
User rank climbing
Listen and help feature
Diverse avatar options
Continuous bot performance updates
Secure platform


Limited platform integration
No multilingual support
No pre-built templates
No Offline capabilities
No voice-enabled chatbots
No Website widgets
Lacks Sentiment analysis
No multi-user collaboration
Limited customer support options
No On-premise deployment


What is Chai?
What platforms is Chai available on?
How does Chai maintain user privacy?
Can I control my data on Chai?
What is unique about chatbots built with Chai?
Are Android and iOS apps available for Chai?
Can I deploy my chatbot to multiple users using Chai?
Can Chai create a chatbot that engages in conversation?
What performance metrics does Chai provide?
What is the leaderboard in Chai used for?
What type of AI chatbots can I build with Chai?
How can I use the Chai app?
Does Chai offer any download options?
What is the Chai community on Reddit?
Can I get technical assistance from Chai on GitHub?
Does Chai provide access to LinkedIn?
How can I share my bots built with Chai?
Do I need any specific skills to use Chai?
Can I monitor my AI's performance with Chai?
What is the sign in process for Chai?

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