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Turn social media conversations into leads.
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Name Drop AI is an AI-powered tool that amplifies brand visibility by integrating its name into relevant social media conversations. It scans the digital noise across platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube to find conversations that could potentially be of productive use for your business.

The tool aims to organically enhance the reach of your product or service by placing it in suitable contexts. In essence, it's a strategically designed system for lead generation that relies on AI to pick up relevant conversations to introduce your brand.The automation offered by Name Drop AI helps save significant time and effort.

It ranks the conversations in order of relevance, allowing businesses to focus on the discussions that matter most to them. The tool creates a project based on the description inputted by the user and suggests keywords allied with that description.

Its AI algorithm then scours for the best conversations related to the chosen keywords and the user's product or service. Not only does the tool assist in placing your brand into the most appropriate talks, but it also offers support as you interact with your audience, helping create a more authentic connection with potential customers.

Ultimately, improving brand recognition without needing to spend extensive hours on social media or large marketing budgets.Supported across multiple social media platforms, Name Drop AI offers solutions for businesses of all sizes and diverse languages, currently prioritizing English.

The tool also provides a free trial for new users.


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Apr 11, 2024
How does it differ from a tool like
Apr 14, 2024
Great question. Name-Drop differs in several aspects: 1. Tools like preform a keyword based scan of social media to usually find posts that mention your brand directly - this is great for monitoring campaigns, predicting PR crises, measure a campaign uplift - so naturally is for bigger and more established brands. Our solution is more for emerging brands - who are looking to find people that have a problem they can solve. So you can DM that person or name-drop your solution as a comment to their post - and thus increase visibility of your brand (and also improving SEO btw). 2. In our solution you don't need to handle keywords - we do create keywords for you to fine-tune your search, but generally speaking our solution leverages state of the art Natural Language Processing and Generative AI to help you find based on semantics - and help you avoid dealing with keywords altogether. Hope this answers your question. There are a lot more details - but the short answer - different solution altogether for a different audience.
Mar 20, 2024
An example of a strong tool that delivers on its promise. Started with the free tool to do some personal research. Next thing i know, I'm frustrated it only gives Reddit results on the free plan, because i want to see more! I know what I'm subscribing to next paycheck 👏
Mar 20, 2024
Sarah - this is just our MVP - we will be adding more social media platforms and cool features every day. We will be releasing features to mark completed, not-relevant and also generated AI comments in just a few hours :) Also, we are seriously thinking about just doing 7 day trial with all social platforms. What do you think?
Apr 12, 2024
I would be interested in seeing this work on LinkedIn, is that in your plan?
Apr 12, 2024
Yes, we already support Linkedin! (And YouTube, facebook, Reddit, X [Twitter]) I will say that our Free Plan only show cases Reddit - but you can reach out to me on [email protected] - we will give you a 7 day free trial to use the full experience of Name Drop
Mar 21, 2024
1 to 7 day free trial please
Mar 20, 2024
In just a few minutes, I got super accurate reddit posts and tweets that were spot on
Mar 20, 2024
This is working amazingly!
Mar 19, 2024
Only provides reddit chats.
Mar 19, 2024
Yes, the free version only has Reddit chats. If you end up purchasing, you will get access to Twitter, Youtube and soon other platforms. We may change our pricing model to 7-day free trial with all features available - is that something you will be more comfortable with?
Mar 20, 2024
I'd love a 7day trial for it <3
Mar 20, 2024
I will unlock it for you in a few minutes, sure
Mar 20, 2024
Could you just email me at [email protected] so I know your email?
Mar 21, 2024
Thank you Magal, but it is no need, i will wait with everyone else :D

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Pros and Cons


Amplifies brand visibility
Scans multiple platforms
Organic reach enhancement
Strategically designed for lead generation
Conversation relevance ranking
Project creation based on user description
Keyword suggestion allied with user description
Scours for best relevant conversations
Assistance in brand placement in talks
Audience interaction support
Improves brand recognition
Time and effort saver
Multiple social media platforms support
Solutions for businesses of all sizes
Diverse language support
Offers free trial
Translates social media conversations into leads
Ability to pinpoint relevant conversations
Authentic audience interaction
Suggests keywords based on project description
Conversation relevance sorting
Results visibility in no time
Support for Twitter, Reddit, YouTube
Quick results generation
Free plan availability
Works for any business
Small business compatibility
Large enterprise compatibility
Affordable pricing
English language support
Beta support for other languages


Prioritizes English over other languages
Dependent on user defined keywords
Limited to Twitter, Reddit, YouTube
No explicit data-privacy measures
Dependent on volume of conversations
Requires active social media conversations
Could appear as invasive marketing
Assumes brand appears in dialogue
May lack industry-specific context
Relies on user interaction post-detection

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