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Management and export of ChatGPT conversations.
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Superpower ChatGPT is a robust tool designed to enhance user interactions with OpenAI's text-based conversational model, ChatGPT. It provides a variety of features to manage and customize the conversational experience.

Features include folders for organizing chats, search capability, a GPT Store for discovering custom GPTs, and an image gallery for viewing all your images in a single location.

The tool also facilitates seamless conversation with ChatGPT through voice GPT, which includes text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionalities, supporting multiple languages.

It also allows easy access to custom prompts from any website through a right-click menu. Users can manage their ChatGPT interactions by organizing chats in folders, synching chats across devices, and exporting chats in multiple formats.

Additionally, users can pin important messages, search previous conversations, and select group chats for deletion. Superpower ChatGPT assists in creating and managing prompt chains series of prompts that can be run one by one with a single click.

It also allows users to mark prompts as favorites, create prompt templates, and search prompt history, providing an interactive menu for all custom prompts or prompt chains.

Additionally, the tool provides the flexibility to change the response language, alter the tone and writing style of the responses and automatically split long inputs into smaller chunks.

It also provides a feature for users to adjust the width of the conversation, replace pre-defined phrases while typing prompts and automatically add a custom instruction at the end of each prompt.

Another notable feature is the 'Custom Instruction Profiles' that permits users to create and save multiple profiles for different instructions, ensuring quicker access to each distinct setup.

In summary, Superpower ChatGPT provides advanced customization, organization, and automation options, allowing for a rich, personalized conversational experience with ChatGPT.


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Pros and Cons


Chat export option
Multiple export formats
Chat search function
Quick chat review
Availability in 190 languages
One-click language change
Sync chats locally
Input history addition
Important messages pinning
Sidebar for quick access
Prompt library function
Prompt sharing feature
Upvote, downvote, report prompts
Sort prompts by upvotes
Prompt filters
Input favorite marking
Preset prompt customization
Word and character counters
One-click chat copy
Continue button customization
Sidebar toggle
Group chat deletion
Safe mode enable/disable
Chat timestamps
User-centric data storage
Local data storage control
Won't resell user information
Self-managed copy of chats
Popular prompt examples
Input history scroll feature


Chrome-only extension
Possible compatibility issues
May slow down platform
Risk of data loss locally
Dependent on site updates
Changes may break functionality


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