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ByEduard Gusev
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Ask Einstein is a GPT built on top of OpenAI's ChatGPT technology, designed to provide users with insights drawn from the perspective of renowned physicist Albert Einstein.

It's created with the intent of interacting with users in a manner akin to how one might converse with Einstein. When prompted with targeted queries about Einstein's views, explanations or theoretical perspectives, this tool generates responses that are expected to reflect Einstein's theoretical understanding and philosophical outlook.

A user base for Ask Einstein may include but not limited to, students, researchers, or anyone curious about Einstein's theories and outlook. This GPT leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT, and requires users to have ChatGPT Plus.

Upon initialization, it greets users with a welcome message and prompts such as 'What would Einstein say about...?', 'How did Einstein explain...?', 'Einstein's view on...?', and 'Quote from Einstein on...?'.

These prompt starters are designed to guide and stimulate meaningful conversations in the context of Einstein's ideas and perspectives. These innovative conversational strategies make Ask Einstein a unique tool for learning and exploring Einstein's philosophical and scientific perspectives in a dynamic and interactive way.


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