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Application for discussing financial topics.
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Talk to AI Human is a web application created using React.js that enables users to converse with an AI trained on the posts and tweets of Lyn Alden. This AI operates using Natural Language Processing (NLP) to interpret user input and generate pertinent responses.

The application can be used to simulate a conversation with Lyn Alden, or to gain an understanding of her views on the topics discussed in her blog posts and tweets.

If users would like to create their own AI based on their own content, they can sign up for the service using the provided link. Talk to AI Human is an innovative way to interact with AI, and provides a unique experience for users to learn about Lyn Alden.


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Talk to AI Human was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 30th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Web application
React.js based
NLP for interpretation
Simulates real person conversation
Access to financial expertise
Customizable with personal content
Allows user sign-ups
Educational on financial topics
Derived from real-person insights
Generates unique responses
Javascript enabled
User content training
Link provided for sign-ups
Unique user learning experience


Limited to Lyn Alden's knowledge
Requires JavaScript enabled
No offline functionality
May mimic Lyn's biases
Dependent on Lyn's content updates
No multi-language support
Limited topic knowledge (finance)
Conversation limited to Q&A
API for customization unspecified


What is Talk to AI Human?
What technology does Talk to AI Human use?
Who is Lyn Alden?
How does Talk to AI Human use Lyn Alden's blog posts and tweets?
Can Talk to AI Human provide Lyn Alden's views on financial topics?
Is it possible to create my own AI with Talk to AI Human?
How can I sign up for the Talk to AI Human service?
What is Natural Language Processing?
Can I use Talk to AI Human without enabling JavaScript?
What kind of topics does Talk to AI Human discuss?
What kind of content is the AI trained on?
How does Talk to AI Human interpret user's input?
Is Talk to AI Human a mobile app or a web application?
Is there any cost associated with using Talk to AI Human?
What is the purpose of the link provided in the app?
What is the unique experience that Talk to AI Human offers?
Are the conversations with Talk to AI Human saved or public?
Can Talk to AI Human answer questions not related to financial topics?
What does 'AI version of yourself' mean in the context of Talk to AI Human?
How accurate is the AI's interpretation of Lyn Alden's views?


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