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Search and explore books with natural language queries.
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Talk to Books is an innovative search tool that uses experimental AI to help users explore ideas and discover books. Instead of using traditional keyword searches, users are encouraged to use natural language when making queries.

This AI-powered tool can understand and respond to natural language statements and questions, making it easier to find relevant passages in books. Talk to Books offers sample queries to help users get started, and provides additional resources such as Google AI and Semantic Experiences to help users explore the tool further.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are also included for user assurance. Talk to Books is an ideal tool for those looking to explore ideas and discover books, as it offers an intuitive and interactive search experience.

Talk to Books was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Natural language queries
Interactive search experience
Sample queries provided
Additional resources available
Includes privacy policy
Comprehensive book search
Trained on human conversations
Allows for creative exploration


Limited to book content
Imprecise search results
Poorly handles complex queries
No multilingual support
Lacks traditional search functionality
Dependent on book quality
Limited assistance resources
No bookmarking system
No offline usage


What is Talk to Books?
How does Talk to Books differ from traditional search engines?
What is the role of AI in Talk to Books?
How does Talk to Books understand natural language?
What do you mean by 'natural language' query in the context of Talk to Books?
Does Talk to Books offer any guidance or sample queries to new users?
How can I use Google AI and Semantic Experiences to get the most out of Talk to Books?
What is the privacy policy of Talk to Books?
Is Talk to Books ideal for everyone or specific users?
What is the motive behind creating Talk to Books?
Why does Talk to Books prefer sentences to keywords?
How does Talk to Books offer interactive search experience?
Is there a limit to the number of queries I can make with Talk to Books?
How efficient is Talk to Books in finding relevant passages to my queries?
What type of books does Talk to Books have in its database?
How often do the sample queries in Talk to Books get updated?
Are my searches in Talk to Books saved or is it anonymous?
Can I use Talk to Books for academic research?
Can I use Talk to Books in any language?
What should I do if Talk to Books cannot find a relevant passage for my query?
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