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Discover your next favorite book with powerful AI technology.
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BookAbout is an innovative platform that leverages artificial intelligence technology to enhance book discovery. The key feature is its ability to scan and search through an expansive database of books, aiming to provide a more effective and personalized method of discovering literature compared to traditional search methods, such as searching by category or name.

The AI technology presents results that align with the user's query, hence aiding readers to find their next favorite book. As a platform designed by avid readers, BookAbout understands the challenges and difficulties of book searching and aims to create a more enjoyable and effortless experience for users.

Beyond its AI book-searching feature, the platform also maintains an updated database to ensure access to the latest books. It provides an engaging reading experience and continuous algorithm improvements for better user experience.

With BookAbout, settling for a mediocre book is a notion of the past, as it supports its users in their journey of literary discovery.

Bookabout was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Over 500,000 books indexed
Frequent algorithm updates
Includes latest books
Effective personalized discovery
Effortless search experience
Designed by avid readers
Always improving user experience
Eliminates traditional search needs
Discourages settling for mediocrity
Easy to start searching
Provides engaging reading recommendations
Specific search capability
Potential for earnings from Amazon associate program
Wide variety of book categories
Targeted to book enthusiasts
Regular database maintenance
Improved literature discovery
Enables unique literary adventures
Ends fruitless book searching


Lacks social reading features
No offline functionality
No audio book support
No author collaboration
Single language support
Unfriendly for visual impaired
Limited categorization flexibility
Reliant on Amazon purchases
No mobile application
No user ratings or reviews


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