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Answer engine for complex questions.
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Perplexity AI is a powerful answer engine designed to deliver accurate answers to complex questions. It uses large language models and search engines to achieve this, allowing it to provide answers to a wide range of questions.

It is capable of understanding natural language inputs, as well as providing answers to more specific questions. The accuracy of the answers provided is limited by the search results and AI capabilities, and it is important to note that it may generate offensive or dangerous content, for which Perplexity AI is not liable.

For internal data searches, users can contact the support team at Perplexity AI via Twitter, Discord or email for assistance.

Perplexity AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 21st 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Understands natural language inputs
Provides specific answers
Utilises large language models
Based on search engines
Wide range of questions
Internal data search assistance
Accessible support via Twitter
Accessible support via Discord
Accessible support via Email
Offers detailed answers
Updates on popular queries
Can handle complex inquiries


Accuracy limited by search results
Might generate offensive content
No responsibility for dangerous content
Support only via third-party platforms
Personal information not secure
No in-built parental controls
Relies on external search engines
No control over search engines
Requires JavaScript
Dependent on large language models


What is Perplexity AI?
How does Perplexity AI's answer engine work?
How accurate are the answers provided by Perplexity AI?
Is Perplexity AI capable of understanding natural language inputs?
Can Perplexity AI provide answers to specific or technical questions?
What is the role of large language models in Perplexity AI?
What are the limitations of Perplexity AI's capabilities?
How does Perplexity AI use search engines?
How do I enable JavaScript to run Perplexity AI app?
Is there a risk of offensive or dangerous content being generated by Perplexity AI?
What if I have queries regarding internal data searches with Perplexity AI?
How can I contact the support team of Perplexity AI?
Is Perplexity AI suitable for chatbot applications?
Does Perplexity AI support the 'Ask Anything' feature?
Why is Perplexity AI not liable for the content generated?
What is the 'Bird SQL' feature of Perplexity AI?
Can I integrate Perplexity AI into my existing chat system?
What should I avoid entering into Perplexity AI?
Can I follow Perplexity AI on Twitter or join the Discord?
What are the popular topics or questions discussed on Perplexity AI currently?

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