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Answering natural language questions with accuracy.
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IAsk.AI is a free AI search engine that uses NLP technology combined with a fine-tuned large-scale Transformer language-based model to provide accurate and factual answers to any question asked by the user.

Unlike other AI tools, iAsk AI does not store individual searches and provides instant feedback. This tool can be used to search for answers on academic books, wiki, and forums.

Users can ask a question using natural language and receive an answer that addresses their exact query, making it an excellent alternative to other AI tools.

The AI model has been exclusively trained on reliable and authoritative literature and website sources, so users can trust that the answers provided by iAsk AI are objective and unbiased.

The free AI search engine is compatible with all types of searches, ranging from health-related questions to technical queries about how to change a flat tire.

The latest version 2.1 offers more detailed and factual answers to users. The creators of iAsk.AI also developed Flawlessly.AI, a writing tool that ensures error-free writing with just one click.

In conclusion, iAsk.AI is a useful tool for anyone seeking factual and objective answers to their queries.

IAsk was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 15th 2023.
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User Profile PictureBradford Folkens
ยท Aug 2, 2023
Excellent ai search based on generative AI. The best!
User Profile PictureSeif Nader
ยท Jun 18, 2023
I think that iAsk.AI is the best Ai search engine. It's very good.

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Pros and Cons


NLP technology
Large-scale Transformer model
Doesn't store searches
Instant feedback
Search in academic books
Search in wikis
Search in forums
Natural language queries
Trained on reliable sources
Unbiased answers
Compatible with all types search
Detailed factual answers
New updates
Free tool


No mobile app
No multilingual support
No query history
Not a collaborative tool
No customization settings
No voice search feature
No tutorial or guide
Cannot filter or sort results
Doesn't provide source links
No direct developer support


What is iAsk AI?
Does iAsk AI store individual searches?
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Are the answers provided by iAsk AI objective and unbiased?
Is iAsk AI compatible with all types of searches?
Is iAsk AI really free?
How accurate are the answers provided by iAsk AI?
What makes iAsk AI different than other AI tools?
What types of sources has iAsk AI's model been trained on?
Does iAsk AI only provide answers in natural language or does it also accept other types of queries?
What enhancements have been made in the latest version 2.1 of iAsk AI?
Is iAsk AI related to Flawlessly.AI?
Does iAsk AI provide instant feedback?
Is iAsk AI better than ChatGPT?
What kinds of questions can I ask iAsk AI?
Is there a limit to the number of queries I can make on iAsk AI?
How do the responses from iAsk AI differ from those from ChatGPT?
Can I use iAsk AI to ask both personal and academic questions?
How does iAsk AI ensure factual accuracy of the answers?
Does iAsk AI operate on all browsers or platforms?

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