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Efficient search engine for accurate information.
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Hebbia is an AI-powered search engine that helps users find accurate answers to their questions quickly and efficiently. It enables users to search for broad market research, targeted information extraction and more with an AI Analyst that understands the user's needs.

Hebbia's neural search uses cutting-edge AI technology to retrieve answers that humans may overlook, allowing for faster and more reliable research results.

Hebbia was founded in August 2020 and has since raised two rounds of financing and hired a diverse team of talented people from around the world. Hebbia also offers open positions for highly passionate and curious individuals who want to make a difference.

The company is committed to providing users with the best search experience possible and is dedicated to reinventing the way we work.


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Hebbia was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Efficient search engine
Accurate information retrieval
Broad market research
Targeted information extraction
Potential overlooked insight retrieval
Faster research results
Dynamic multinational team
Dedication to user experience
Increased productivity
Boost in decision confidence
Established funding
Company growth
Open opportunities for individuals
Mission to innovatively revolutionize work
Direct answers retrieval
Relevancy of search results
Anti-reliance on outdated software
Personalized search experience


No mobile app mentioned
Possible lack of customization
New, unproven technology
No multilingual support mentioned
Unspecified data sources
Potentially high cost
Lack of advanced search features
May overlook certain data
No user review data
No offline mode mentioned


What is Hebbia?
What does Hebbia's AI-powered search do?
What makes Hebbia's search engine different from others?
How does Hebbia's AI Analyst work?
What are the advantages of Hebbia's neural search?
How accurate is Hebbia in providing search results?
How efficient is Hebbia's search engine?
When was Hebbia founded?
What has been the funding milestones for Hebbia?
Who are the founders of Hebbia?
How diverse is Hebbia's team?
What are the open positions at Hebbia currently?
What is Hebbia's main mission?
Does Hebbia offer any productivity benefits for users?
In what way does Hebbia reinvent the way we work?
What unique features does Hebbia have for market researchers?
How useful is Hebbia for obtaining targeted information?
How does Hebbia ensure the accuracy of its search results?
Is Hebbia a human-powered or AI-powered search engine?
What is the vision of Hebbia's trajectory in the technology market?

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