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Search engine with privacy-protecting features.
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Neeva is an ad-free, private search engine created by former Google executives that only shows real results without any ads or affiliate links. It is designed to provide users with a more secure and private search experience while protecting their data from trackers.

Neeva is available on all devices, including browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge and Safari and mobile apps for iOS and Android. It also offers two plans for members, a free basic membership and a paid, premium membership.

The free basic plan is completely free and full-featured, allowing members to search both the web and connected personal accounts like Gmail or Dropbox, set news and shopping preferences and search from multiple devices.

The Premium membership offers unlimited searches and top-tier privacy-protecting tools such as a Premium Password Manager and VPN. In addition, Neeva never sells or shares members' data with any third-party, and provides anonymous search options, giving users full control over their data.


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Aug 24, 2023
Snowflake acquires Neeva No more public
Apr 25, 2023
not good yet but it's good on platform only

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Pros and Cons


Ad-free results
No affiliate links
Available on all devices
Chrome extension
Firefox extension
Brave extension
Edge extension
Safari extension
iOS app
Android app
Free basic membership
Paid premium membership
Searches connected personal accounts
Set news preferences
Set shopping preferences
Unlimited searches for premium
Premium Password Manager
Premium VPN
Never sells user data
Never shares user data
Anonymous search options
Data protection from trackers
Prioritize trusted news sources
Filter out noise
Trusted source information
Forum discussion relevance
Likes 9/10 in blind test
Browse free from corporate influence
Search history not stored
Information encryption on servers
Automatic network data encryption
Access to personal data connected
Improves search result personalization
Free from 3rd-party affiliate links
Neeva compatible with major browsers
Implements strict Security standards
Supports Google integration
Supports Office 365 integration
Supports Dropbox integration
Supports Slack integration
Supports Github integration
Supports Confluence integration
Supports Jira integration
Supports Notion integration
Supports Figma integration
Continuous system vulnerability testing
Improved browsing experience by design


Limited account integrations
Premium membership required for unlimited searches
No API availability
Performance compared to Google unclear
Potential compatibility problems with third-party password managers
Unclear extent of search customization
Charging for privacy features
No recognizable brand trust
Uncertain data encryption methods
May lack search comprehensiveness


What is Neeva's approach to privacy protection in search?
What are the differences between the basic and premium memberships of Neeva?
Does Neeva sell or share my data with any third-party?
How can I use Neeva on different web browsers?
Is there a mobile application for Neeva?
What are the specific features of Neeva's free basic plan?
What additional privacy features does the premium membership offer in Neeva?
Is there any kind of advertisements or affiliate links in Neeva search results?
Can I connect my personal accounts like Gmail or Dropbox with Neeva?
Can I use Neeva anonymously?
How can I set my news and shopping preferences in Neeva?
What is Premium Password Manager offered by Neeva?
Is there a VPN service available for Neeva users?
How is Neeva protecting my data from trackers?
Can I filter out news sources and retailers in Neeva?
Does Neeva track my personal data?
How does Neeva improve my search results?
Why was Neeva created by ex-Google executives?
What are the benefits of Neeva's premium membership?
Is Neeva available for both iOS and Android platforms?

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