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Enhanced Google search with reddit and website summaries.
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CrossQuery is an AI-powered tool that provides an enhanced Google search experience by integrating summaries from Reddit and other websites within search results.

It poses as an efficient and effortless way to gather insights from custom websites as well as Google, freeing users from manually specifying the site in each search.

This tool searches specified websites, including Reddit, and displays the results in a sidebar alongside the conventional Google search outcomes. The result is a simplified and centralized browsing experience that offers concise, summarized responses from various online sources.

It is acknowledged for its ability to cut through the clutter of information online and save users time by delivering crisp answers. This tool, an extension, can easily be added to the Chrome browser.

Its privacy policies are transparent, ensuring users' data is not sold to third parties and used solely for enhancing the core functionality of the tool.


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CrossQuery was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 24th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Enhanced Google search experience
Integrates Reddit summaries
Incorporates website summaries
Efficient browsing tool
Centralized web search
Time-saving functionality
Easy integration with Chrome
Transparent privacy policies
Data not sold to third parties
Multi-source search results
Automated information filtering
Simplifies online research
Summarizes information from custom websites
Displays search results in sidebar
Relevant results from multiple websites
User-friendly Chrome extension
Cuts through online information clutter
No need to manually specify sites
Delivers concise, crisp answers
Data used solely for core functionality
Extends browser's native search capabilities
Personalized search experience
Reductions in manual information gathering
Results curation from various online sources
Streamlined search and information discovery
Reduced online search noise
Improved search accuracy
Free from intrusive third-party involvement


Chrome-only extension
May miss non-summarized data
Reliant on site availability
Specific sites only
User activity data collection
Requires internet connection
No multi-language support


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How does CrossQuery filter information?
What is the core functionality of CrossQuery?
Can CrossQuery be used for online research purposes?
Does CrossQuery sell users' data to third parties?
How is CrossQuery added to the Chrome browser?
What sites are specified in CrossQuery's search algorithm aside from Reddit?
Does CrossQuery deliver summarized responses from online sources?
What are the key features of CrossQuery?
Do I need to manually specify the site in each search with CrossQuery?
What are the ratings and reviews about CrossQuery?
What is the specialty of CrossQuery's AI-powered search features?

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