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Consensus is an AI-powered academic search engine designed to streamline academic and scientific research. This engine utilizes AI and semantic search technologies to provide instant insights and synthesis on a wide range of topics.

Designed to enhance research efficiency, Consensus allows for the exploration of over 200 million academic papers across sundry scientific domains. It is not just a search engine, but also an insightful tool that provides quick understanding of complex topics through features like Consensus Copilot and Consensus Meter.

The platform ensures results delivered are the most relevant to users' queries, aided by proprietary academic tools and filters. Consensus is designed for a wide range of users, from individual researchers and curious individuals to students, clinicians, academics, and professionals across various fields.

The science organizations can use Consensus for quick information verification, understanding mechanisms of action, and staying informed about new research findings.

Credibility is further ensured with the platform's rigorous sourcing policy, with all information cited and links to the original research papers provided.

Beyond its search capabilities, Consensus offers comprehensive features including insights extraction from papers, research filtering, quality indicators and study snapshots for accelerated understanding.

Consensus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 22nd 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Searches 200M+ academic papers
Extracts key paper insights
Tool for scientific organizations
Rigorous sourcing policy
Supports complex topic understanding
User-specific academic tools
Credibility through Consensus Meter
Enhanced research efficiency
Cites all sources
Research-and-user-based result filtration
Free initial usage
User-friendly interface
Hyper-efficient information verification
Efficient topic synthesis with Consensus Copilot
Feature-rich search engine
Extensive research coverage
Instant insight generation
Connected results to original sources
Applicable to broad user types
Streamlines literature review process
Facilitates evidence-based insights
From individual researchers to professionals
Allows quality based paper ranking
Includes study snapshots
Focus on best papers
Access to most relevant academic papers
Publicly sourced quality indicators
Detailed academic vector search functionality
Uses proprietary LLMs
Quality labels for study type and journal


Limited to academic content
May miss out non-academic insights
Possibly overwhelming amount of information
Bias towards published studies
Requires understanding of academic language
No mention of translation capabilities
Doesn't highlight ongoing research
Limited customization options
Dependent on consistent internet access
May be complex for non-academics


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