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BLUF is an AI-powered tool that helps users save time by providing them with quick and concise information they need to know from any web page. This tool features three main functionalities: ASK, SUMMARIZE, and EXPLAIN.

With ASK, users can narrow down their search and filter out irrelevant information, making it easier to find what they need efficiently. SUMMARIZE provides users with the essential key highlights of any web page in a matter of seconds.

EXPLAIN makes complex concepts easy to follow, presenting them with crystal-clear explanation, ensuring that users understand them effectively.BLUF offers three pricing plans, these are FREE, STANDARD, and PROFESSIONAL.

The FREE plan provides users with 25 prompts per month while the STANDARD plan offers 200 prompts per month for $4 per month. The PROFESSIONAL plan offers unlimited prompts for $10 per month.A prompt in BLUF is any message sent to the tool, which can be either a text-based prompt or a request for summary or explanation.

If BLUF fails to complete a request, it will not count as a prompt. Although it is possible to prompt BLUF to summarize or explain a web page instead of clicking the dedicated buttons, it is not recommended as the dedicated buttons are better optimized to process large content, providing users with better results.


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BLUF was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick concise information
ASK functionality
SUMMARIZE functionality
Filters irrelevant information
Clear explanations
Free plan availability
Affordable paid plans
Unlimited prompts in PROFESSIONAL plan
Failed requests don't count as prompts
Optimized for large content
Distinct buttons for functionalities
Saves time


Limited prompts on Free Plan
Extra steps for optimization
Efficacy depends on page size
Only English language support
No offline availability
Optimal usage requires training
No summarized content revision
No user feedback system
No customization of summaries
Limited search filters


What is BLUF?
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What does a prompt in BLUF mean?
How many prompts does the FREE plan in BLUF provide?
How many prompts does the STANDARD plan in BLUF offer and what is its price?
What does the PROFESSIONAL plan in BLUF offer and how much does it cost?
What happens when BLUF fails to complete a request?
Can I use a text prompt to ask BLUF to summarize or explain a page?
Why is it not recommended to use prompts for summarizing or explaining web pages in BLUF?
How does BLUF provide better results compared to other tools?
Does BLUF have a dedicated button for processing large content?
Is there a limit to the number of questions I can ask in one message on BLUF?
How does BLUF help users filter out irrelevant information?
How does BLUF make complex concepts easy to understand?
Can BLUF function effectively on smaller pages?
How is BLUF optimized to process large content?
What specific benefits does the power of AI bring to BLUF's features?

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