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Instantly summarize any online article.
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tldr is an AI tool designed for summarizing long articles and websites from any URL, aiding in providing a condensed version of online content. This tool functions by receiving a URL as input and returns an abridged summary, useful in instances where lengthy reading material needs to be quickly understood.

The tool essentially works by reducing the main content of the specified URL, accurately curtailing excessive details while retaining the core information, thus facilitating easy comprehension.

It is a perfect solution for users who need to digest extensive online content within a small timeframe or those desiring the main aspects of a page without having to read the complete content.

The tool is easily accessible through its website, making it a user-friendly option for on-the-go summarization. However, it's important to note that just like any AI tool, the precision of the summary produced may vary.

This tool might be most beneficial to researchers, students, and professionals who regularly engage with hefty online content. Support the developer by buying them a coffee on their page.


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TLDRX was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 20th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Summarizes long articles
Works with any URL
Provides condensed versions
Curtails excessive details
Retains core information
Ideal for quick comprehension
Time-efficient for extensive content
User-friendly interface
Easily accessible website
Supports on-the-go summarization
Beneficial to researchers and students
Effective for professionals
Simplifies reading
Facilitates information extraction
Direct URL input
Support developer option
Page title summarization
Instant online article summarization
Versatility in content digestion
Perfect for reading simplification
Optimal research aid
Excellent student tool
Adaptable professional tool


Summary precision varies
No offline usage
Limited to textual content
No mobile app
No translation feature
Potential paywall
Can miss crucial details
No user customization
Supports URL input only


What is TLDRX tldr designed for?
How does TLDRX tldr work?
In what instances might TLDRX tldr be useful?
What information does TLDRX tldr aim to retain during summarization?
How user-friendly is TLDRX tldr?
Can the precision of the summary produced by TLDRX tldr vary?
Who might benefit most from using TLDRX tldr?
How can users support the developer of TLDRX tldr?
What kind of input does TLDRX tldr require?
Does TLDRX tldr curtail excessive details from a webpage?
Is TLDRX tldr suitable for quick comprehension of lengthy content?
Can I use TLDRX tldr to digest extensive online content quickly?
How does TLDRX tldr facilitate reading simplification?
Is TLDRX tldr easily accessible online?
Can TLDRX tldr extract the core information from a web page?
Does TLDRX tldr aid in research by summarizing online content?
Can TLDRX tldr be useful for professionals who interact with heavy online content regularly?
Does TLDRX tldr reduce the main content of a URL?
Is TLDRX tldr useful for students who need a condensed version of online content?
How can I provide financial support to the developer of TLDRX tldr?

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