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Improve work information retrieval and data discovery with GoSearch
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GoSearch is an AI-supported tool designed for enterprise search and resource discovery aiming to improve work information retrieval and data discovery.

Through unified search, it locates all internal information within seconds, providing a hub for managing documents, notes, tasks, files, and personnel across your cloud applications.

Its features include fast search results, AI-generated answers, and the reduction of manual searching across diverse applications. GoSearch employs generative AI to make recommendations and an AI feature named GoAI which acts as an interactive chat assistant providing personalised suggestions.

It can also distill results into an easily understandable summary and allows queries through image uploads and URLs, further enriching the search context.

It also permits the creation of enterprise GPTs tailored to specific data needs. Other key features include the integration of more than 100 apps and data connectors, centralisation of company-wide announcements, and a platform for employees to ask questions and facilitate centralized discussions within GoSearch.

It has built-in security measures to ensure total privacy, including a Bring Your Own LLM API Key to control access, logs, and restrictions, and a Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) framework, ensuring your data remains within your environment.


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GoSearch was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fast search results
Reduction of manual searching
Personalised suggestions
Distills results to summaries
Accepts image uploads for queries
Accepts URLs for queries
Enterprise GPT creation
Integrates over 100 apps
Unified company-wide announcements
Centralized employee discussion platform
Option of own LLM API Key
BYOC framework for security
Supports multimodal enterprise search
Facilitates resource discovery
Fast internal information retrieval
Enables knowledge management efficiency
Improves company productivity
Faster workflow
Acts as document management hub
Interactive chat for workplace search
Image-based search
URL-based search
Customizable enterprise GPTs
Centralizes company announcements
Employee question and answer facilitation
High level data access control
Enterprise-grade security
Multi-layered security strategy


No offline access
Limited to 100+ apps
Chat assistant not multilingual
No mobile app
Requires BYOC
Manual custom enterprise GPTs
Depends on external connectors
No free version


What is GoSearch?
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Can GoSearch process image uploads and URLs in search queries?
What is a GPT in the context of GoSearch?
Which applications can GoSearch integrate with?
How does GoSearch centralize company-wide announcements?
How are questions and discussions managed within GoSearch?
How does GoSearch ensure data privacy?
What is the Bring Your Own LLM API Key in GoSearch?
What is the concept of Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) in GoSearch?
What does it mean that GoSearch has 'enterprise-grade security'?
How can GoSearch improve workplace productivity?
Can GoSearch interact with my company's existing cloud apps?
Can I customize the results GoSearch provides based on our specific needs?
How does GoSearch support team knowledge management?
Can employees interact with GoSearch as part of their workflow?

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