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SEO Assist is a GPT designed to aid in optimizing websites for search engines. The functionality of this tool spans numerous aspects of search engine optimization (SEO), including website analysis, keyword analysis, and competitor analysis.

Utilizing these analytical methods, SEO Assist assists users in comprehensively understanding their website's performance and identifying areas for improvement from an SEO perspective.

Additionally, the tool offers detailed insights into content optimization, providing users with helpful guidance on on-page SEO tactics. SEO Assist also provides resources to check the rankings of the top sites, contributing to a competitive strategy for the user's website.

The tool compares different sites and provides information on keyword density, site speed, and site authority. These pieces of information are crucial in understanding how successfully a website is functioning in regard to SEO.

SEO Assist also permits live web access to data, allowing real-time tracking and analysis. The tool operates using the underlying technology of CORE AI in combination with Google's Query Exploration Graph (QEG), creating an advanced and comprehensive SEO assistance tool.

SEO Assist is available for use via sign up and requires ChatGPT Plus for operation. Some prompt starters provided by the GPT include questions regarding website's SEO performance improvement, best on-page SEO techniques, and building quality backlinks.


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