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Byalexander pidruczny
Generates SEO-friendly alt text, titles, and file names for images.
Sample prompts:
Can you generate the alt text for the image that I Upload?
Can you provide some alt text options for a topic I add to the prompt?
Can you provide some file name or title ideas for the image I upload?
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Image SEO DOMINATOR is a specialized GPT developed to improve the search engine optimizations for images on websites. This GPT offers features that enhance the visibility of images on Google's search engine and other similar platforms.

It does so through generating SEO-friendly attributes that include but are not limited to alt text, image titles, and image file names. These attributes are essential for setting a description of the image which is used by search engines for indexing, enabling the images to rank better in the search results.

Alt text, in particular, is crucial as it provides a text alternative for images, improving the site's accessibility for visually impaired users and any situations where the image cannot be displayed.

Meanwhile, the image title and file names also play roles in increasing SEO visibility. Image SEO DOMINATOR can generate these SEO attributes for both uploaded images and images based on a given textual topic.

In other words, users can either upload a specific image for which they want to generate SEO attributes, or they can provide a topic and the GPT will generate appropriate alt text and other SEO-friendly attributes.

The GPT requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus service to use the tools full functionalities. One thing to note is that while Image SEO DOMINATOR's primary goal is to enhance image SEO, the achieved rankings on Google or any other search engine may still depend on other factors beyond the scope of its services.


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Image SEO DOMINATOR was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 6th 2024.
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