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Improved business photo and video enhancement.
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EyeQ is a tool for automatic photo and video corrections and enhancements. It is designed to give businesses a competitive edge by providing efficient and accessible technology.

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Necessary cookies enable basic website functions like page navigation and access to secure areas, while preference and statistic cookies enable the website to remember language and region preferences as well as collect statistical data anonymously.

Marketing cookies track visitors across websites and are used to display relevant and engaging ads. EyeQ also uses cookies to detect if the visitor has accepted the marketing category in the cookie banner, detect which server-cluster is serving the visitor, distinguish between humans and bots, determine optimal video quality, register data on visitor behaviour, and track individual sessions.

Perfectly Clear was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Automatic photo and video corrections
Video quality optimization
Optimal user experience
Secure website functions
Automated page navigation
Tracks individual sessions
Analyzing traffic for adjustments
Seamless integration design
Efficient business tool
Multi-Platform compatibility
SDKs available
Online, mobile, desktop availability
Real Color Photography
Cutting-edge artificial intelligence
Infrared image correction
Image noise reduction
Face Detection feature
Automatic Video Crop
Automatic Image Crop
High-quality image output
Batch photo editing
Automate photo corrections
Multi-device compatibility
Docker Container
Hot Folder
Command Line
Personalized content delivery
Real-time content changes
Enhanced video quality
Unique session IDs
Automatic marketing preferences
Visitor behaviour tracking
Compatibility with third-party services
Automatic image correction
Automatic enhancements for videos


Doesn't support preference cookies
Uses extensive marketing cookies
Heavy reliance on cookies
No Linux support
No open-source version
No granular manual controls
No individual file editing
Potentially intrusive data collection
No plugin for other editors
No advanced user customizations


What is Perfectly Clear?
How does EyeQ protect my privacy?
What kind of businesses can benefit from EyeQ and Perfectly Clear?
What sort of corrections can EyeQ make to my images?
How does Perfectly Clear enhance video quality?
What does EyeQ use cookies for?
What type of AI technology does EyeQ use?
Can EyeQ distinguish between humans and bots?
What kind of personal data does EyeQ collect?
What is Cookiebot and how does it work with EyeQ?
What marketing features does EyeQ offer?
What is 'Real Color Photography'?
How do I integrate Perfectly Clear into my own system?
What are the potential business benefits of using EyeQ?
Can EyeQ help reduce my image editing time?
How does EyeQ's AI image enhancement work?
Why does EyeQ use different types of cookies?
What social media features does EyeQ provide?
Is EyeQ compliant with GDPR?
How does EyeQ optimize video quality for various network settings?


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