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Automatically build ranking internal links.
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LinkActions is a fully-automated, AI-powered internal linking tool designed to enhance your website's SEO. This tool scans your website content and auto-generates internal links which can have significant relevance for SEO.

It further improves your website's search engine ranking and organic traffic by offering a detailed insight into the relationships within your content, assisting in better indexing and comprehension by search engines.

LinkActions eliminates the need for manual hyperlinking by offering at-a-glance internal link suggestions that can be approved or disapproved from the dashboard for immediate live changes, allowing bulk deployment of links.

Its compatibility with diverse web platforms and content management systems underscores its flexibility, with straightforward installation via an encrypted code snippet.

The tool provides a clear report on your website's link structure and tracks improvements over time. Furthermore, it is well-suited for websites of varying scales, with the most notable benefits manifest on sites carrying long-form content across hundreds to thousands of pages.

As your content grows, LinkActions can continuously help better your SEO strategies and site structure.


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Pros and Cons


Automated internal linking
SEO enhancement
Detailed content relationship insight
Better indexing for search engines
Instant approval system for suggestions
Bulk link deployment
Compatible with diverse web platforms
Supports various content management systems
Straightforward installation
Encrypted code snippet
Clear link structure report
Tracks improvements over time
Suits websites of varying scales
Optimum for long-form content sites
Adapts with content growth
Automated website profiling
Usability enhancement
Content indexing
Website analysis feature
No coding required
Works with any CMS
Boosts organic traffic
Increases search engine ranking
Detailed Internal Links report
Quick setup
Traffic improvement potential
Offers varying subscription plans
Daily, weekly and bi-weekly crawl intervals
Unlimited keywords feature
Automatic code changes
Minimizes manual hyperlinking effort
Link suggestions from dashboard
Works with all major CMS
Valuable internal links creation
Boosts conversion rate
Lightweight javascript snippet
Hosted on CDN
Asynchronous loading
Immediate live link changes
Boost sales with improved SEO
Not penalizing by search engines


Requires installation of code snippet
Limited to internal hyperlinking
Manual approval of link suggestions
Doesn't support dynamic site updates
Doesn't offer refund policy
Prices differ for site numbers/pages
Depends heavily on content length
Suited for larger websites only
Potential delay for large deployments
No immediate SEO improvement promise


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How does LinkActions help with bulk deployment of links?
Does LinkActions provide a report on my website's link structure?
Can LinkActions track improvements over time?
Is LinkActions suitable for websites of all scales?
Can LinkActions assist with long-form content?
How does LinkActions impact my site's organic traffic?
Is there a dashboard for approving or rejecting link suggestions in LinkActions?
How does LinkActions auto-generate internal links?
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How can LinkActions help in content organization within my website?

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