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ByDhungJoo Kim
AI powered SEO assistant.
Sample prompts:
Review your landing page for SEO (attach screenshot of your landing page)
Generate SEO keywords for my website:
Review this copy for the keyword:
Teach me about SEO
Generated by ChatGPT is a GPT developed as a distinct application on ChatGPT. Its core focus is to enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy by implementing various AI-powered utilities.

It can generate SEO-specific keywords tailored to your website or project. It also empowers users by enabling them to construct articles optimized for SEO.

This GPT's function extends to revising existing copy for SEO, thereby improving its visibility and relevance to search engines. offers unique prompt starters that facilitate tasks like reviewing your landing page for SEO, generating SEO keywords for a specific website, revising content to fit a chosen keyword, and even teaching you about SEO.

Created by DhungJoo Kim, requires ChatGPT Plus for use. Its features provide a holistic SEO assistant experience, aimed at improving web presence while also acting as an educational tool for understanding and implementing effective SEO strategies.


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