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ByJason Sykes
Crafting SEO-rich social media content.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to boost your social media SEO?
Sample prompts:
Create a catchy title for my blog post.
Draft a description using my Instagram and Twitter.
Suggest tags for my cooking channel video.
Generate a LinkedIn post for my art.
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CSVillage Social SEO Crafter is a GPT designed to assist users in creating SEO-optimized social media content. This tool leverages the capabilities of ChatGPT, specifically focusing on enhancing the SEO aspect of social media conversations.

At its core, this GPT is dedicated to generating catchy blog post titles, drafting enticing social media descriptions, suggesting appropriate tags for different video content, and formulating impactful posts for professional networking platforms like LinkedIn.

It is built to cater to diverse content areas, from culinary channels to art-focused profiles. The main aim of the CSVillage Social SEO Crafter GPT is to help streamline the process of boosting online visibility via well-crafted, keyword-oriented content across various social media platforms.

However, it requires access to ChatGPT Plus in order for users to enjoy its functionalities.


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