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Automated social media marketing agent on LinkedIn.
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SMM Agent is a web application powered by AI that allows users to create and optimize posts for their social media accounts, specifically LinkedIn. This tool helps users automate their social media marketing tasks by creating AI social media marketing agents.

The tool works in three steps. Firstly, users set goals for their social media presence, and SMM Agent analyzes the target audience and trends to create a content plan based on these requirements.

Secondly, the tool creates content based on the plan, taking into account the brand voice and user preferences. The user has the ability to review and approve the content generated by the AI agent.

Lastly, the AI agent tracks the performance of the user's social media posts, analyzing data such as likes, comments, and followers to provide suggestions for optimizing content and generating new ideas.SMM Agent offers various features that aim to streamline social media management tasks.

Users can create content plans to stay organized, spark creativity by generating ideas for posts, never run out of ideas with cool suggestions for posts, track the performance of their posts, and optimize content based on AI-driven suggestions.

The tool also monitors trends and keeps users informed about what is popular in their industry.The pricing plans offered by SMM Agent include different levels of usage depending on the number of agents, content plans, posts, and characters needed.

The tool offers a 30-day refund policy for users who are not satisfied with the product.Please note that this description is based on the provided text and may not include all the details or accurate current information about the tool.


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SMM Agent was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 29th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Analyze target audience
Creates content plan
Identifies brand voice
Users approve job
Tracks social media performance
Analyzes data for optimization
Suggests new post ideas
Content schedule creation
Generates post ideas
Generates content suggestions
Monitor social media trends
Different usage levels
30-day refund policy
Automates social media tasks
Analyzes trends for content
Plans tailored to goals
One-click LinkedIn automation
Performance based content improvement
Cost-effective alternative to hiring
Integration with Zapier
Optimize posts for engagement
Expanding network compatibility


Only supports LinkedIn
No direct content publication
Requires Zapier for publication
Limited number of posts
Limited number of characters
No support for multi-agent
Pricing per agent
No support for other languages
Not open source
Potential privacy concerns


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How does the content planning feature of SMM Agent work?
What types of pricing plans does SMM Agent offer?
Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied with SMM Agent?
Can SMM Agent help me generate ideas for LinkedIn posts?
Does SMM Agent offer features for tracking metrics such as likes, comments, and followers?
Is SMM Agent specific to LinkedIn or does it work with other social media platforms as well?
How do I set goals for my social media presence in SMM Agent?
Does SMM Agent provide automatic scheduling for LinkedIn posts?
Can SMM Agent help streamline my social media management tasks?
Can SMM Agent identify and leverage my brand voice for content creation?
What does 'creating an AI agent' with SMM Agent entail?
Does the performance tracking feature of SMM Agent provide suggestions for content optimization?
Is SMM Agent a web application or does it have a mobile app version too?

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